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For Oliver I usually go with “the turtle neck”

Neville prefers “the brain eater”

Chance enjoys “the thinker”

I however, enjoy using “the hyper space”

lol, good chain.

Peeper loves the “Turtle Neck” when he’s relaxed but often i practice “The Fine Tooth Comb” applying “The Butt-Muncher” at the end.

I use to apply Puppet “The Butt-Muncher” until she drops and roll back getting ready for “The Kali Ma”

Por fin en casa después de 20 días de vacaciones de Navidad. Los chicos me han recibido con emoción pero con rencor gatuno también. No obstante enseguida hemos vuelto a la normalidad y como veis ya nos queremos a tope.

Finally arrived home after 20 days of Christmas travel. My babies received me on an emotive way but also with their kitty upset. Hopefully we recovered our relationship very soon and as you can see pretty together and with lots of love.


We haven’t had heat in 8 days. After purchasing a heated blanket, Oliver is enjoying the warmth :)

And also smiling at mom thanking the warmth. He’s so lovely!

"Tras ocho días de frío y temporal Oliver se encuentra muy a gustito al calorcito de las sábanas y mami"

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